How Orthotics Help
By Wilmette Foot and Ankle Clinic
January 12, 2018
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Due to their location and taking the brunt of the body’s weight, your feet are used to bearing a heavy load. However, this does not mean orthoticsthat you have to live with foot pain unnecessarily. With help from your podiatrist, you can overcome your foot pain with custom orthotics worn inside the shoe to help evenly distribute your body weight and support your arch to make standing and walking comfortable and pain-free. Find out more about custom orthotics with Dr. Gary Rogers at Wilmette Foot and Ankle Clinic located in the North Shore area in Wilmette, IL.

What makes custom orthotics better than over-the-counter orthotics? 
Custom orthotics have many advantages over their over-the-counter orthotics counterparts. Custom orthotics are designed specifically for your foot, ensuring that it receives the correct support in all its problem areas. Each foot is unique, meaning that over-the-counter orthotics may not be as comfortable as an orthotic designed exactly to your foot’s specifications. Custom orthotics can correct certain foot conditions like pronation or supination to help align the body prevent injuries to the knee or ankle.

Am I a good candidate for custom orthotics? 
Custom orthotics can benefit patients with a wide range of foot issues, from flatfeet to plantar fasciitis. If you suffer from foot, knee, back, or leg pain, a custom orthotic may help relieve pain and discomfort by correctly distributing the body’s weight and improving your gait. If you suffer from a foot-related condition, an orthotic may allow you to walk normally and help reduce the symptoms of your condition. Consulting with your podiatrist is the best way to determine if you could benefit from custom orthotics.

Custom Orthotics in Wilmette, IL
A foot examination is a perfect chance for you to speak with your doctor about your foot-related concerns, address any pain or discomfort you may have, and learn more about foot-related diagnoses. The examination will consist of a physical once-over of your feet and could also include various tests to investigate symptoms.

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