How Your Podiatrist Can Help With Your Heel Pain
By Wilmette Foot and Ankle Clinic
August 05, 2021
Category: Foot Care
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Heel pain can make your days difficult, much more so if you do a lot of your work on your feet or if you practice sports on a regular basis. For mild cases, you can do a lot to mitigate the symptoms at home, but for pain that persists, you can always turn to your podiatrist for help. They can identify the source of your heel pain and offer a variety of treatments, from the most conservative to surgery, in those rare cases where it may be necessary. Not everyone's discomfort is the same so if you would like to learn more about the possible causes of heel pain and how it's treated you can contact your Wilmette, IL, podiatrist from Wilmette Foot and Ankle Clinic, Dr. Gary Rogers.

Ways to Help

At-home care is a good first response to heel pain, such as with mild symptoms. At-home care can include using ice and compression, and especially rest.

If symptoms persist even after at-home care treatments, if the discomfort is severe, or if you are concerned, then please come into the office.

Your podiatrist will perform a physical examination to determine the reason for the pain, which can range from a sprain, or a fracture, or even chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

You may be prescribed physical therapy as a means of strengthening your foot to assist with pain management and to prevent further injury. They may also assign you medication to deal with inflammation.

Custom-made orthotics are a very common method for managing a number of foot conditions. Their use may even help avoid surgery. Surgery is yet another strategy for dealing with heel pain, but its employment is rare and only necessary when the structural problems with your foot cannot be corrected via other conservative methods.

Heel Pain Treatment in Wilmette, IL

You should not have to endure heel pain, and overuse of painkillers can cause unintended consequences. So treat it at the source, dial (847) 256-4434 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rogers of Wilmette Foot and Ankle Clinic for treatment for your heel pain in the North Shore, serving the areas of Wilmette, Skokie, and Evanston, IL.