Preventing Foot Injuries: Summer Running
By Alex
July 14, 2014
Category: Pain Management
Tags: Wilmette   Heel Pain   Arch Pain   Running   Orthotics  

Many people may be enjoying this beautiful weather by running through their favorite trails or simply walking along the beach shore. All of this walking and running can eventually put an undue strain on your feet if not properly taken care of.


First things first - make sure to wear proper equipment. Many preventable foot injuries can be easily avoided by wearing the right shoes. Many common “street” shoes or sneakers are not recommended for running as they were not designed to handle the shock that each step puts on the foot. It is highly recommended that you purchase shoes that are specifically manufactured for running (some popular brands include Asic, Saucony, New Balance) because they have qualities that most running shoes should include: arch support, cushioning and motion control. A combination of these three qualities can create a personalized experience tailored for your wellbeing.


You may ask “what’s the big deal?”

By neglecting the equipment that you train with, you are exponentially increasing the risk of a serious injury that could keep you from enjoying the rest of your summer! Common running injuries include: Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and arch pain. Achilles tendonitis is when the tendon attaching the back of your leg and your heel becomes inflamed and painful. If you feel pain in this area, it is highly recommended that you stop your activities immediately and ice it. If caught early, achilles tendonitis can heal within days with proper treatment, but if left neglected, can develop into a serious injury that can take up to half a year to recover! Plantar fasciitis and arch pain are problems that can also be remedied with some rest and ice.


If you plan on running more than three times a week, it may be in your best interest to invest in a pair of custom orthotics. It is a costly product, but consider this: if you have poor vision, you would get a pair of prescribed glasses, right? Your feet are no different! Fix your foot problems by getting a set of orthotics so that you can stay on your feet all summer long without discomfort.


Now that you’re properly equipped with the information needed to keep you healthy and safe, here are some of my favorite running spots in the Wilmette area!


-Green Bay Trail

This trail is great. With the metra running along with you, you’ll find yourself in a nice balance between the wilderness and the towny bustle that you’re used to.


-Sheridan Road

Every time you peek between the beautiful houses that line Sheridan Rd, you have the privilege of seeing Lake Michigan. Now that is scenery at its finest.


-New Trier Forest Preserve

This one is frequented by the New Trier and Loyola cross country teams. Surrounding yourself in nature, you’re quite likely to see a deer or two in this location. A great run that creates a closed circuit for repeat rounds!