Use social media to know more about your foot health and to stay foot conscious

Use social media to know more about your foot health and to stay foot conscious!!

How often do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook? Or maybe you can’t wait to find out who’s following you on Twitter. It’s true that social media has taken the world by storm over the last decade. Now it’s hard not to walk down the street or share an elevator without running into someone who’s checking their smartphones. So how are social media and your health connected? And no, we don’t mean using symptom-checking apps. If you want to keep abreast of the latest in foot health technologies or you just want to keep updated on our office news, we want you to follow your foot doctor on social media.

Don’t just think about your foot health when you’re in my office. I want to give my patients several ways to stay up-to-date on everything that podiatry can offer you. How can you connect with me? Here are several ways that you can connect with me on social media:


Our office loves Facebook as much as the next person. We have been using it to keep both prospective and loyal patients in the know about what we are doing. We’ll tell you when we’ll be setting up a booth at a local festival or when a new blog post is published.

We also link to other medical articles that will help keep your feet healthy and happy (which can be particularly important when you’re spending more of your time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful summer months). Please visit us on Facebook at:


If you follow a more “keep-it-simple” approach to social media, then you probably love Twitter. With no more than 140 characters, you can get some helpful tips and sage advice regarding your foot health without having to read pages upon pages of health articles, confusing terminology and heavy medical-laden text. We narrow it down for you and provide you with relevant information that we know our patients want to hear. Be sure to follow your foot doctor here:


If Google is more your style, be sure to add us to your circle. With links back to our helpful blog posts, informative and interesting articles from top medical sites like WebMD, you can find a host of helpful foot information all in one place. No need to search the web for hours to get your questions answered. We have it all right here!

Our blog

Since you’re already reading this, you’re well aware that our podiatric office frequently blogs. Our blog truly covers the podiatric gamut—from keeping your feet protected and safe while training for a marathon to removing toenail fungus so it doesn’t ruin your summer vacation. We want to give our patients and interested readers the knowledge and information they need to make healthy decisions about their feet.

OK, all you social media gurus out there—let’s stay connected by following me on any of these platforms. And if you’re just looking to schedule your next appointment, telephones will never go out of style. Call me today at (847) 256-4434.