Why It's Important To Visit A Podiatrist About Orthotics
By Wilmette Foot and Ankle Clinic
January 29, 2021
Category: Foot Care
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If you have a serious health condition or are an athlete in training, visit your podiatrist in the Wilmette, IL, area, Dr. Gary Rogers. At Wilmette Foot and Ankle Clinic, Dr. Rogers often prescribes custom-made orthotics to alleviate problems associated with diabetes, running, and gait differences, such as overpronation. His high-quality orthotics fit your feet uniquely to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Drugstore orthotics

Podiatry Today reports that over the counter, or OTC, shoe inserts (orthotics) have increased in popularity in recent years, particularly as people participate more in amateur athletics and stay active long into their senior years. Primary care physicians often advise drugstore inserts as a first choice in treating foot complaints because of the lower price point of these products and the quick and ready availability at many retail outlets.

It's better to consult a podiatrist about orthotics

If you are experiencing foot pain, dysfunction, friction, or ulcers/wounds of any kind, your better choice for diagnosis, treatment, and orthotics is your podiatrist in the North Shore area. Dr. Rogers is an expert in foot and ankle biomechanics--in other words, how your lower extremities move and the pressures they withstand every day.

Also, he will diagnose your foot health issue accurately. Common foot ailments and conditions he treats include:

  • Plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the ligament spanning the arch of the foot
  • Diabetic wounds and ulcers
  • Flat feet, toeing-in, and toeing-out
  • Heel spurs
  • Bunions
  • Arthritis
  • Neuromas

Many of these conditions respond well to consistent use of shoe inserts designed and fitted by your foot doctor.

How the orthotic process works

In general, custom orthotics are crafted from rigid, soft, or semi-rigid materials. Soft materials cushion and protect the feet. Rigid orthotics change or control how you place your feet as you walk, run or stand. Semi-rigid materials help athletes attain optimal balance and muscular function.

During your consultation with Dr. Rogers, he'll explain your diagnosis and treatment choices. Typically, foot care plans are multi-faceted with orthotics being just part of helping you feel better and function at your best.

To custom-craft your orthotics, Dr. Rogers will take a digital or plaster impression of each foot. From there, a pedorthist makes your shoe inserts. This professional consider the kind of shoe you wear--dress shoes, cleats, or running shoes as examples. Dr. Rogers will tell you when you should wear your orthotics and how to care for them.

Consult us

If you have foot pain or dysfunction, contact your podiatrist at Wilmette Foot and Ankle Clinic in the North Shore, and Wilmette, IL, area. Dr. Rogers has wide-ranging expertise in a variety of foot and ankle conditions, and if you need orthotics, he's the doctor to see. Phone us today for an appointment: (847) 256-4434.