Achilles Tendon

Achilles Tendon

The Achilles tendon is a tendon that is located in the back of the leg. This is one of the strongest tendons in your body and is responsible for various actions and functions that you perform each day. While the Achilles is such an important tendon, it’s also easily injured. Different types of injuries can occur here and cause you pain and irritation. It’s important to understand the common issues that can occur and how to take care of your Achilles tendon.

Taking Care of the Achilles Tendon

Often, the Achilles tendon can be irritated by overuse injuries, and this can cause inflammation to occur. This can make it hard for you to even walk without constant pain. One of the most common injuries is known as Achilles tendinitis. This can cause pain at the back of the ankle or in the heel and you might find that you aren’t able to perform many of your favorite activities.

You must take the time to talk to your podiatrist about how you can prevent injuries in the Achilles tendon. Typically, they will instruct you to properly stretch before exercising. Often, injuries are caused when someone isn’t properly stretching or warming up before engaging in activities. This can cause strain and pressure to build up on the tendon, causing inflammation to happen.

If you are dealing with an injury in the Achilles tendon, you’ll need to rest and talk to your podiatrist about physical therapy. You’ll be given exercises to perform at home so that you can stretch and strengthen the muscles. You can also talk to your podiatrist about using ibuprofen for pain.

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