What Are Some Treatments for Bunions?
By Wilmette Foot and Ankle Clinic
December 17, 2014
Category: Bunions
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When you start to see a bump or lump on the base of your big toe, you may excuse it as a minor inconvenience. However, as this bump or bunion grows larger, your toe can start to move out of place, bending toward your other toes. This can cause significant pain and discomfort, making even wearing shoes too difficult and uncomfortable.Bunions

We treat bunions at our North Shore foot doctor’s office and also advise our patients on steps they can take at home to relieve foot discomfort. Intervening as early as you notice this telltale bump can improve your results.

Wearing a bunion pad can protect the bunion from painful friction when wearing shoes. These can be purchased at most drugstores.

Soaking your feet in a warm foot bath can ease discomfort. So can applying a heating pad or ice pack -- just make sure each is covered with a cloth to protect your skin from damage.

Taking anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, can help to reduce bunion-related pain and swelling. If this intervention does not help to reduce bunion pain, cortisone injections at our office may help.

Physical therapy exercises to stretch and strengthen the toe muscles and feet can help to reduce tension. These exercises can also improve flexibility in your toes, which can minimize cramping and foot discomfort.

In addition to these at-home treatments, there are methods to treat bunions at our podiatrist’s office. These include taping or splinting your feet to ensure your toes stay in the correct position. You may also benefit from orthotics or specialized shoe inserts that help support your feet and maintain your toes’ positions.

In severe instances of painful bunions that are not relieved with these treatments may require surgery. Several surgical approaches exist to treat bunions. The correct approach depends upon how severe your bunion is.

If you experience bunions, please call our North Shore foot doctor’s office at (847) 256-4434. A member of our caring staff will assist you in scheduling an appointment for you.